Sunday, December 3, 2017

Has Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Misconduct Shaken The Star Trek Universe?

Although it happened over 30 years ago, has Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexual misconduct with an underage cast of Star Trek shaken every seasoned Trekkie and Trekker?

By: Ringo Bones

Although many have angered in the recent Kevin Spacey apologizing for a sexual misconduct with Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp that happened back in 1986, the revelation have indeed shaken the largely complacent Hollywood entertainment industry. Many have asked whether to continue to patronize the collective thespian works of Kevin Spacey for artistic reasons or to boycott it as a matter of principle; Though many will chose to sympathize with Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp given that back in 1986, Rapp was only 14 and Spacey was 26.

During his entire acting career, Spacey was very private about his sex life, sadly, when he chose to come out in 2017 – it resulted in the tumbling out of skeletons out of his closet so to speak. Despite of the sordid state of affairs uncovered in Spacey’s revelations, some good did manage to come out of it. It managed to empower anyone to speak out about inappropriate sexual advances committed by those in authority – and it probably nudged a number of Trekkies and Trekkers to watch again Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home whether to check if Anthony Rapp was part of the cast; Though I did found out that Go Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin was part of the cast as an alien communications officer.