Monday, June 11, 2012

Alicia Silverstone’s Attachment Parenting: Ferengi Parenting?

 Is actress Alicia Silverstone’s version of attachment parenting might have been influenced by Star Trek’s “Ferengi Parenting”? 

By: Ringo Bones

A few months ago, actress Alicia Silverstone made headlines when a video of her pre-chewing her food before spitting it into her kid’s mouth in the name of “attachment parenting” went viral on the web and got everyone talking about the pros and cons of attachment parenting. But to us Star Trek fans, the practice of parents pre-chewing their kid’s food before “spitting” it into their mouths is eerily similar to a somewhat strange-from-our-perspective Ferengi parenting practice. 

This quirky Ferengi sociological practice was first seen when a spin of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek TV series called Deep Space Nine aired on primetime TV back around 1993. Pre-chewing of food then feeding it to their infants is not only practiced by Ferengi mothers but also of Ferengi women to their husbands and / or prospective husbands. Given that President Obama was recently “outed” as a Trekkie – i.e. Star Trek fan, does this mean that Alicia Silverstone a Trekkie too?      

Is U.S. President Barack Obama A Bona Fide Star Trek Fan?

Nobody outside the “Trekkie” community would have believed it, but does the Tweeted photo of Nichelle Nichols and President Obama proof that he is now a bona fide Star Trek fan? 

By: Ringo Bones

It’s now official folks – at least back in Thursday, April 5, 2012 when actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura in the original Star Trek TV series Tweeted a photo of herself alongside President Obama while flashing the iconic “live long and prosper” hand signal made famous by the character Mr. Spock. The photo was originally taken in late February, 2012 when Nichols visited the White House and later headed to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  

In the past, President Obama has revealed that he had a crush on Nichelle Nichols as a kid, given that she was one of the first African-American women who have a major role on a TV series back in the 1960s. So does the Tweeted photo now serve to make President Obama a bona fide “Trekkie”?