Sunday, March 4, 2007

No Women Allowed?

By: Vanessa Uy

Why women players are few and far between in airsoft clubs.

General Philip Sheridan once said “War is hell.”Isn’t it anyone,of his or her own free will,entitled to experience this “hell”regardless of race or gender?Maybee I live a charmed,sheltered life surrounded by high browed idealists (re:anglo-saxon folk).So I set out to a “networking” trip to a sport that prides itself on commoroderie;airsoft.It went alright compared to the other harebrained schemes I’ve been,but the few weeks I’ve spent playing only provided flack on my critique on the Philipine society in general.Lesbian/dykes stereotypes aside,the few women that I met in this clubs are quite normal.A wife or an engaged girlfriend of one of the members.So what is there to complain you say.

The problem manifests itself during breaktime conversations.It’s like being an extra for a t.v. pilot episode of”That Chauvanist Show”.Majority of the men’s perception of women and sexuality harks back to the time when Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire.Existential introspection is a loaded topic at most,never mind your personal views on abortion and capital punishment.Museum curators might have a field day in that setting,but to me some artifacts,like Marxist-Leninist Socialism or Christian Slave Morality are ment to rust and decay away.

I know that rules and regulations are there for the player’s and spectator’s safety,but for the club itself to become interesting and or fun, a dose of liberalism certainly won’t hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard rumors about an all-girl airsoft team inside the Romanian Embassy.