Friday, May 18, 2007

Are Evangelical Christians Killing Mother Nature

The proof is provided via BBC’s World Service broadcast on the 14 of May 2007. Looks like people like me are not “that-kind-of-crazy” anymore.

By: Vanessa Uy

At first, it’s kind of hard for me to tell if this is legitimate news broadcast or one of those Tom Clancy novel-made-for-TV-type things. As every Tom Clancy fan can attest the character driven nature style of his works, this particular BBC news broadcast made Dr. Thomas Ice of Liberty University look and act like the “main villain” on “The Sum of All Fears.” Dr. Thomas Ice unabashedly expressed his views on a legitimate news broadcast that Global Warming and other environmental concerns of recent times are just “Hollywood-left-wing-propaganda.” Is Dr. Ice trying really hard to throw out of the window the concerns of the majority of “Rational Americans” want to achieve. The “Rational Americans” want to tell the rest of the world that not all Americans are not egotistical narcissists who want all of the planets natural resources only for themselves. Maybe, Dr. Ice doesn’t want all of America to be environmentally conscious because this is an important stepping stone in establishing a meaningful dialogue between the Islamic World and the West.

Even before the post- September 11, 2001 backlash, the impoverished peoples of the Islamic World has been left “holding the bag” so to speak due to the insensitive energy intensive lifestyles of the more-money-than-sense-Evangelical-Christian-powers-that-be making self-serving policies on Capitol Hill. Even though they are still a minority, they can easily trick Rational Americans like they did in the 2004 US Presidential Elections. The Evangelicals doctrine of greed, exploitation and unbridled materialism are one of-if not the- main reason of the proliferation of misery and suffering in the Islamic World. And I’m beginning to wonder why Osama Bin Laden didn’t specifically mention these people on his “Fatwah.”


Michelle said...

As a Muslim, I find the arrogance of Evangelical Christians extremely disturbing and objectionable. I think their not quite into space exploration and colonization because they haven't found extra-Terrestrial sentient beings to exploit and oppress.

April Rain said...

Finally, a blog about the environmentalism that talks frankly about the proverbial "Elephant in the Room" that no one talks about. Like Barack Obama's reference on racism, the right wing Christian extremist view on environmentalism should be a required knowledge to anyone who want's to save our planet. Global warming denial is not yet a crime but it's making the UN Climate Conference in Bali a non-starter since right wing Christian extremists believe that the UN is an "Evil Empire" out to rule the world. Looks like the terrorists who bombed the Alfred P. Murrah federal building back in April 20 , 1995 are now running Capitol Hill.