Monday, April 23, 2007

Does NASA Have a Problem?

After the headline grabbing antics of astronaut-gone-amok Lisa Nowak and the shooting incident in their Houston, Texas facility, is NASA infected by the proverbial “Andromeda Strain?”

By: Vanessa Uy

Female NASA astronaut wearing adult diapers for a non-stop 900 mile or so drive armed with an Airsoft/BB gun in the name of vendetta seems like a stuff made for cheesy network TV Serials that’s likely to be found in NBC’s fall lineup, but no. This incident really happened and it’s been a source of fodder for Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien’s starting monologues of their respective shows. Unsolicited comments of NASA staff point the finger at the inhuman levels of competition to be next in line for the next shuttle mission as the likely cause for Lisa Nowak’s bizarre behavior.

The cutthroat competition between aspiring astronauts to gain merits is an unfortunate side effect for an institution that extols excellence above all else. I have relatives who have yet to turn 25 who have graduated from the prestigious Admiral Farragut Academy and I can safely say they won’t be on the shortlist for future missions to the planet Mars.

Also the recent incident of hostage taking and shootings on NASA’s Houston, Texas facility might cause almost anyone to wonder the existence of the fabled “Andromeda Strain.”


Apple said...

The last thing NASA or all of us space exploration buffs need is for a mentally imbalanced-adult diaper wearing-bb gun shooting "astronaut" as NASA's "sensational spokesperson." I mean NASA's latest claim to fame on the news is the fixing of the computer system of the International Space Station (ISS). The feat itself to me is 20 years past it's "news- worthyness." How America maintains her most expensive orbiting satellite leaves much to be desired. The B1 Lancer "had" better computer systems than the space shattle and the ISS.

Michelle said...

Does astronaut Lisa Nowak want endorsements on the maker of the adult diaper that she used during her crazy escapade? As an amateur astronomer and space travel enthusiast, another nut-job ruining the good name of our "community" that desperately need's legitimacy is the last thing we ever need.