Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Top 10 Signs that you’ve just enlisted in a Bad Airsoft Team

By: May Anne Uy

Since the airsoft phenomena gained big time popularity here in the Philippines during the latter half of 2005 due to the proliferation of value-for –money (re: cheap) weapons systems. The number of airsoft clubs as a result also increased like wild mushrooms during the rainy season. Since the working title of this digression is about what makes a bad team/group here is ten of my pet peeves:

10. Everyone on the team thinks that the one hit you’re out rule is for sissies.
9. Everyone on the team thinks that guys who are into classical music (Bach, Mozart,Beethoven, etc.) are gay.
8. The team leader runs the club like David Koresh runs the Branch Davidians in Wacko, Texas.
7. Everyone on the team thinks that classic rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kiss, Scorpions, etc.) are for Satanists.
6. Everyone on the team thinks that women have something better to do than play airsoft games.
5. Everyone on the team thinks that anyone whose weapons system costs less than PhP10,000 lives in a shanty town and blows his nose on his shirt or one of his 14 children’s shirts.
4. Most of the members want the best airsoft weapons system, but wont shell out the required money.
3. You got kicked out for mentioning “Medical Marijuana.”
2. Everyone on the team thinks that rationalism is a left leaning thought.
1. The team leader’s claim to fame on his leadership skills is that he loves to boss around other people in an indignant manner.

There you have it. If your team manifests a couple of minor problems, all is not lost. Three or more, then you have a better chance of carving your very own team- mate out of a mango. Megalomaniac leaders are a special case in itself. In our Filipino culture, we usually deal this problem in an “Emperor’s New Clothes” or in a “yes men” kind of way. There are good even great teams out there, so shop around.

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