Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Review of Research Papers / Publications on Science Education, Part III

Vanessa Uy

Students’ Perceptions about Science: The Impact of Transition

From Primary to Secondary School

By: Wendy Speering and Leone Rennie

Research in Science Education, 1996

While evaluating Speering and Rennie’s paper. I found out that there is a method of teaching science that is only familiar in elite schools and on special genius-level classes that could advance science education here in the Philippines. This method is called a “master class”. Dismissed as an elitist method suitable only for those learning institutions with more money than common sense. I believe this method could work here, and is a good value-for –money program. For example, if the topic for discussion will be about sound and acoustics, I would invite a famous musician or a recording engineer whose job is related to my science topic and give a lecture to my class. I believe this method could make my students value science because most of our kids today think that science only belong to the textbooks as opposed to real life. And these are also very high -paying jobs that could catapult the practitioner into celebrity status, thus allowing the guest speakers to meet their fans at the grassroots level.

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